Welcome to Register Offices UK

Register-Offices-UK is a site dedicated to making it easy for you to find your nearest Registry Office, as well as preparing you for whatever business you may have there (such as a registering a birth, a death or a marriage).

Register office procedures are usually quite easy to manage once you know how, and you should be able to learn everything you need to know by navigating the information on this site.

What is a Register/Registry Office?

When thinking of a register office, you may be more familiar with the term “registry office”. Registry office is an unofficial but common name for a register office.

As their name suggests, register offices are traditionally used for registering important events in peoples’ lives, such as registering births, deaths and marriages.

Register offices hold records of the events that they have registered, so they are also a very useful resource for tracing family history. Civil registration of births, deaths and marriages began in 1837, although not all register offices have necessarily been active since then.

Register offices are also commonly used as venues for significant ceremonies, most commonly non-church marriage ceremonies. In recent years, registry offices have been used to host ceremonies for other significant events, such as gaining UK citizenship and naming a baby.