Complications in Registering a Death

Unexpected Deaths

Complications can occur in registering a death when a death is unexpected, or the cause of death is unclear or suspicious.

In this situation, the deceased will be referred to a coroner for further examination. In cases such as these, the typical 5 day time limit for registering a death is extended – the death cannot be registered until the coroner has made a decision as to whether further investigation is necessary.

Moving the Body to Another Country

If the deceased wanted to have their funeral or be buried in another country, permission must be sought from a coroner in the district in which the death was registered.

The coroner must issue a removal notice for the body, which will usually take four days. This will be sent in part to the register office, confirming that you can move the body out of the country.

For more information on this, contact the Coroner’s Society for England and Wales. They can guide you through this complex process.