Marriage Certificates

Your register office will be able to provide you with a copy of your marriage certificate should you require one.

The General Register Office (GRO) keeps a copy of certificates for every marriage that takes place in England and Wales. Local Register Offices will have records of all registrations that took place at their premises. Please note that the GRO does not deal with Scotland or Northern Ireland – there are however similar offices in those countries. If you were married in a religious ceremony you should be able to obtain one from the place where it took place.

Getting a certificate for an overseas marriage

Although you cannot register marriages which took place overseas in the UK, you can arrange for the documents from the country where the ceremony took place to be delivered to the UK through the General Register Office, after which you can create a record of your overseas marriage.

In order to create a record of an overseas marriage, one of the partners must be British, and it must be this person that applies for the record. The marriage must also have taken place in a foreign country which is not part of the Commonwealth.

Getting copies

Once your marriage has been recorded and your documents deposited at the GRO, you are able to ask for a certified copy. These will merely be photocopies of the documents which the GRO holds but are generally accepted as proof of your marriage.

Commemorative marriage certificates

If you complete a significant number of years of marriage you may wish for a commemorative marriage certificate to mark the milestone. Such certificates are available from the Register Office for Silver (25th), Ruby (40th), Golden (50th) and Diamond (60th) wedding anniversaries.

The price of a commemorative certificate, which bears the original marriage details and comes in a presentation box, is £23.40.

You can order your commemorative certificate online, or by post or phone.

To order online go to

To order by phone call +44 (0) 300 123 1837

To apply by post, download and fill out an application form and send it to Customer Service Unit, General Register Office, PO Box 2 Southport, PR8 2JD.