To Renew your Marriage Vows

There are many reasons why a husband and wife may want to hold a ceremony to renew their marriage vows. They may want to hold a more elaborate ceremony than the original, invite guests which were unable to attend the original ceremony, or simply wish to reaffirm their commitment to each other after going through a difficult time. It could also serve to mark a significant anniversary.

Anyone can arrange a renewal of marriage vows ceremony, regardless of how long they have been married or how old they are. The only requirement is that you are married at the time of booking, and you can produce a marriage certificate to prove this.

It is also not necessary for the participant to be based in the area where the ceremony takes place. Most Register Offices will also have other approved venues besides the Register Office itself where the ceremony can be held.

The content of the ceremony is largely down to the desires of the couple, but can contain:

  • introduction and welcome
  • acknowledgement of any children of the marriage
  • reading
  • renewal of vows
  • rededication of ring(s)
  • giving of new ring(s) or gift(s)
  • words from previous wedding guest
  • signing of certificate
  • closing words

A typical ceremony will last between 15 and 30 minutes. Different Register Offices differ in regards to the days of the week on which ceremonies are offered as well as in price. Please contact the Register Office at which you wish your ceremony to be held for more details on costs.

Please note that renewal of marriage vows ceremonies are not legally binding in any way and are merely ceremonial events. The Celebrant who conducts your ceremony will not be acting in an official capacity, even if they do work as a Registrar.